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Cheap Flights to Pula in Croatia From UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden

An overview of the 2011 timetable for flights to Pula from Manchester, Birmingham, London Gatwick, Stansted, Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin and Cologne.
The Amphitheatre Alone is Worth the Flight to Pula - Orlovic (
Ruled by the Romans from 177 BC, Pula has an impressive history and you will have access to more than the beach with your cheap flights to Pula: the city's showcase is a beautifully preserved amphitheatre in the centre of town. With its rich cultural heritage and strong Italian links, Pula is an excellent introduction to Istria and northern Croatia, and it is more accessible than ever, with various budget carriers flying tourists in.
Various airlines have come and gone in Pula, and current information is hard to come by, so here is a guide to which airlines have confirmed flights to Pula in 2011 (information sourced from the airline websites).
Cheap Flights to Pula from the UK - London, Manchester, and Birmingham
There are currently no direct Pula flights from Ireland, and connections from the UK are shared between Ryanair and ThomsonFly. As with all Croatian coastal airports, the timetable is seasonal, and Ryanair opens the season with four flights a week from Stansted on March 29, a service which runs until October 29.
A second London connection, operated by ThomsonFly, commences from Gatwick on May 3, with weekly Tuesday flights continuing until October 4. ThomsonFly are offering the same dates from Birmingham and Manchester. There is disappointment for Scottish tourists, however, with a previously announced Glasgow flight being withdrawn.
Cheap Flights to Pula from Germany and Scandinavia
Away from the UK, two other budget airlines are quietly establishing themselves on the Croatian coast - Norwegian and German Wings. The former has an impressive range of destinations to Split and operates longer into the winter than its budget rivals. Its main flight to Pula from Oslo starts weekly on May 7 to October 29, while a peak season Wednesday flight from Stockholm will be available from June 29 to August 10.
German Wings have onward flights to 75 destinations in Europe, but the only direct connections to Germany are Cologne and Berlin. They are not the only low-cost airline flying from Germany to Pula in 2011, however, as Intersky commences its summer schedule at 1745 on May 29 until September 25.
Cheap Flights to Pula from Russia and Ukraine
There are a surprising number of seasonal flights to Pula from Russia and Ukraine in the summer, as can be seen from the 2010 timetable still displayed on the Pula Airport website. No information for the 2011 schedule is currently available, but information will be posted on the Pula Airport homepage as it becomes available.
Timetables and schedules are subject to change, and additional summer charter routes will no doubt be added, so it is worthwhile checking the airline websites for the current situation when planning your trip. If you do come across any additional flights, please pass on the information in the comments box below so that the article can be amended. Enjoy your flight!

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