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Eating and Drinking by the Sea in Croatia: Vrboska on Hvar

One of Croatia's picturesque towns and home to Hvar's largest marina, here is a quick overview of where to get a bite to eat or a drink in Vrboska.
Eating and Drinking by the Sea in Croatia: Vrboska on Hvar - Miranda Milicic Bradbury (http://)
Sailing into one of Hvar's prettiest towns and home to the main marina on the island can build up quite an appetite, an there are several bars and restaurants on the waterfront offering refreshment to tourists. Here is a quick overview.
Restaurant Lem
Located on the corner of the main bridge opposite the old town and next to the town's very helpful tourist office, Restaurant Lem has arguably the best location to enjoy a refreshing drink, as its south-facing orientation and stunning view of the old town make it an ideal place to while away an afternoon.
An additional bonus for families is the town's play area which is adjacent to the restaurant, while the wooden donkey (for guests only) is popular with children. Traditional Dalmatian fare with a large salad bar, there is ample space both outside and in the nicely restored interior.
Away from the water and slightly elevated, Gardelin offers romantic views of the marina and beyond, a perfect setting to watch the to-ing and fro-ing of the active yachting community. Grab an outside table as close to the view as possible, and fish lovers will delight in the excellent fish platter. The restaurant can be reached via some steps on the way to the marina, or by car via a sharp right turn leaving Vrboska towards Jelsa.
Trica Gardelin
The closest restaurant to the marina on the water, Trica Gardelin is a busy place in the season with its superb location. The culinary offer is Dalmatian and Italian and it has the rare benefit of taking credit cards.
Popular with the small expat population, Skojic is the only restaurant on the water in the old town. With a pleasant open courtyard and ample interior space, the pizzas are particularly good, and the restaurant is usually open at weekends throughout the year.
Tourists heading for the most popular beach just outside Vrboska, Soline, can eat at the restaurant of the same name. Pasta, pizza and local Dalmatian dishes provide sufficient sustenance to enable sun-worshipers to continue their main activity without returning to the town for lunch.
Papparazzi, Dalmatino, La Bahia
There are a number of cafes dotted along the old town's front, where the art of coffee drinking is taken seriously. Two of the best are Papparazzi, a favourite local hangout, which also serves Guinness, and Dalmatino, just above the Konsum supermarket. Lovers of German Weissbier will be pleased with the Erdinger on offer. Dalmatino has free wireless and the nicely restored stone interior and comfortable seating make it a popular destination in winter.
Cocktail lovers should head to La Bahia, a cocktail bar close to the marina. Offering a good selection of international cocktails, it is a great place for a sundowner.
Vinaria Pinjata
Wine lovers should wander into the old town behind the church fortress and seek out Vinaria Pinjata, a local winery which produces some excellent local whites and reds. The small family business has built an authentic tasting room and it is an atmospheric place to sample and buy some of the island's wines.

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