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Arts and Crafts Fun Festival Opens in Podstine on Hvar, Croatia

An international workshop featuring workshops on Japanese calligraphy, silversmithing, papier mache and silk and wool felting opens on the island of Hvar.
The Arts and Crafts Fun Festival Opens in Hvar Town - Miranda Milicic Bradbury  (http://)
The Arts and Crafts Fun Festival opened at Hotel Podstine in Hvar Town on May 28 2011, the latest in an expanding range of tourism offers for the island of Hvar, voted one of the world's top ten by readers of Conde Nast.
The festival is a series of workshops conducted by international experts in their fields, and affords participants with the opportunity to learn new skills while combining the workshop with a holiday in one of Europe's hottest destinations.
Papier Mache - Nives Cicin Sain from Croatia (May 29 - June 4)
Each workshop last six days with a 3 hour stint each day, and participants are limited to 20. The first workshop started on May 29 and is being conducted by Croatian papier mache expert Nives Cicin Sain.
The course covers an introduction to papier mache, preparation of the front of the mask, construction of the mask header, how to join the header to the front of the mask, expression modelling, decorations and colouring, and mould removal, aperture opening and processing the back of the mask.
Silk and Wool Creative Felting - Louise Broad from UK (June 5 - 11)
Week two has two workshops running simultaneously. Louise Broad's silk and wool creative felting course opens with an introduction to feltmaking, and covers various skills, including how to make a notebook cover and seamless bag, decorative items and jewellery, an introduction to nuno felting, how to make a nuno felted scarf, and how to make a group piece such as a wallhanging.
Silver Craft - Lazer Rok Lumezi from Croatia (June 5-11)
Croatian silver expert Lazer Rok Lumezi's silver craft workshop packs in a lot of practical training on a variety of silver-making techniques. Skills covered include melting and processing, soldering and links modelling, wedding ring making and polishing and stone frame modelling and soldering to the base.
The latter stages of the course focus on shaping hemispheres and spheres from silver, arranging necklaces from stones and silver pieces, and making jewellery from the skills learned at the workshop.
Japanese Calligraphy - Kihachiro Nishiura (June 12-18)
The final week focuses on the Japanese calligraphy workshop of Kihachiro Nishiura, whose style is a blend of ancient and modern, developed through years of studying incense, the Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy and flower arranging.
After an introduction to calligraphy, the course covers the basics of calligraphy and music in calligraphy, before examining more advanced techniques on the final day.
Additional Activities on the Island of Hvar
Workshop participants are entitled to a reduced rate at Podstine, one of the nicest of Hvar's hotels. Located on the water in pine forests a pleasant walk north of the town, it has a relaxed atmosphere, which is conducive to artistic creativity.
With each workshop lasting three hours a day, there is plenty of opportunity for guests to indulge in other activities. Beaches and historic towns aside, there is a good choice for the more able-minded. Hvar Adventure, the leading local activity specialist, has a range of sports to indulge in, including rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, hiking and scuba diving, whileSecret Hvar's off-road safari is an excellent way to see the most beautiful and less discovered parts of the island.
Next year's Arts and Crafts Fun Festival is scheduled to begin on May 26, 2012.

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