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The introduction of Jadrolinija's winter schedule to Croatia's islands mean reduced services, as well as cheaper prices for visitors. A look at Hvar. Jadrolinija, the state ferry company in Croatia, reverted to its winter schedule programme on October 1, 2011, after the end of another busy tourist season. While the changes will mean a reduced service to the four entry points on the island of Hvar, it will also mean a 20% reduction in prices for those visiting the island, although ticket prices for islanders - who qualify for permanent discounts - will be unaffected. New Ferry Times from Split to Stari Grad The main ferry terminal on Hvar is in Stari Grad, and the daily service from Split will be limited to three crossings. The two-hour crossing from the island will commence at 0530, 1130 and 1730, with the return boat leaving at 0830, 1430 and 2030. New Catamaran Times from Split to Hvar Town Hvar Town is connected to Split, the island of Korcula (Vela Luka), the island of Lastovo (Ubli) and the island of Vis. A daily connection from Ubli (0425) via Vela Luka (0530) to Hvar Town (0630), returning at 1450 from Hvar, 1545 from Vela Luka and arriving in Ubli at 1645 (0700 departure from Ubli on Saturdays and Sundays) is followed by a 0510 catamaran from Vela Luka to Hvar Town (0615) arriving in Split at 0730 (0700 departure from Vela Luka on Saturdays and Sundays). The returning catamaran is scheduled to depart Split at 1400, Hvar Town at 1500, arriving in Vela Luka at 1600. A weekly connection between Split, Hvar and Vis is available every Tuesday, with the catamaran sailing from Vis Town at 0700, Hvar Town at 0745 and arriving in Split at 0845. The return journey departs the Dalmatian capital at 1500, Hvar Town at 1610 and arrives in Vis at 1645. New Catamaran Times from Split to Jelsa The daily catamaran service connecting the island's third biggest town, Jelsa, with the mainland via Bol on Brac, will continue almost unchanged. Daily departures will be 0600 from Jelsa, arriving in Bol at 0635, and Split at 0730. The return journey from Split will depart at 1600, arriving 1730, with Friday departures 30 minutes later. Sundays and public holidays depart at 1300, in a change from the summer 0700 schedule, returning at 1600. New Ferry Times from Drvenik to Sucuraj The short 30-minute crossing from Sucuraj to Drvenik on the eastern tip of Hvar - the logical access point from Dubrovnik and the south - will offer six ferries a day, departing Sucuraj at 0630, 0945, 1215, 1500, 1800 and 2200. Ferries in the opposite direction will leave at 0800, 1030, 1300, 1715, 1900 and 2235.

With the tourist season over, the residents of Jelsa turned to fundraising with a fun cycling event, as Google marks Croatia's Independence Day
Charity in Croatia: Cycling for Antonia in Jelsa on Hvar - Paul Bradbury
Residents of Jelsa, one of Hvar's prettiest resorts, turned out in force on October 8, 2011, to support the Biciklijada, a cycling fund-raising event organised by the island's Rotary Club.
The Biciklijada, now in its eighth year, is a fun family occasion which raises money for good causes. This year's event was called 'Cycling for Antonia,' after a young girl suffering from cancer who it is hoped will raise enough money to pay for specialist treatment in Austria.
Cycling Events for Hvar's Children
The traditional race round the villages and towns of Jelsa, Svirce, Vrbanj and Vrboska was well attended by dozens of school children, all sporting helmets and the official 2011 grey t-shirt. Due to roadworks, the route had to be slightly changed.
As the young cyclists headed off into the hills, attention turned to the youngsters from the local kindergarten, who demonstrated admirable control negotiating the tricky slalom event as parents relaxed in the numerous cafes. Sales of the t-shirts were brisk, with the price of 50 kuna ($10) including a lottery ticket, where the first prize was an Acer laptop, and the event was an unqualified success.
Sponsors and Organisers of the Biciklijada
The event was organised by the Hvar Rotary Club in association with the Red Cross, and included several local sponsers, as well as Diners Card Club and Erste Card Club. It is part of a concerted campaign to raise money for the sick local child.
After a busy tourist season, the event had a distinctly local feel, as the community now prepares for the other side of life on Hvar: the long winter. The weather has been exceptionally good on Hvar into early October, but has just broken, and the trademark burawind was out in force, reducing the temperature sharply.
Jelsa is a popular resort on Hvar's northern coast, whose attractions include excellent family beaches, a pretty harbour and old town, and one of the most relaxed squares in Dalmatia. It is most famous for its UNESCO-protected Easter Procession, which has taken place overnight on the Thursday before Easter for more than 500 years.
Google Marks Croatia's Independence Day
This year's Biciklijada took place as Croatia marked its 20th year of independence, a celebration commemorated by Google on its home page. To mark the occasion, the search engine giant's traditional logo was slightly amended to include the Croatian crest, along with a message in Croatian wishing the Republic of Croatia a Happy Independence Day.

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