Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hvar Nightlife: Residents Petition Against Late Party Atmosphere

Locals on Croatia's premier island have petitioned the mayor to control the noise from Hvar Town's nightclubs: party tourism in a residential zone.
Hvar Nightlife: Residents Petition Against Late Party Atmosphere - Hvar Town Tourist Board (http://)
A petition with 300 signatures calling for a reduction in the noise from the town's nightclubs has landed on the desk of Hvar Town mayor Pjerino Bebic, according to a report in Slobodna Dalmacijaon August 18 2011.
Fear of a Croatian Ibiza
Residents fear that if the current trend continues, the town is in danger of turning into Zrce, the party beach on the island of Pag, which has been labelled the Croatian Ibiza. Locals are also complaining that the situation is much worse than in previous years, with many unable to get to sleep until 5am.
The island of Hvar has a long history of tourism and its main town has recently undergone a makeover with the total renovation of its hotels by Luxembourg-based ORCO group. Its stunning setting and vibrant nightlife have made it a hot destination for the rich and famous, with the likes of George Clooney, Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg and Roman Abramovich visiting.
Full Moon Parties
In addition to the late night atmosphere at open air clubs like Veneranda, a new nightclub - Pink Champagne - opened in the town last month, while the Full Moon parties at the Carpe Diem Beach Club on nearby Stipanska beach are attracting more late night revellers - the latest full moon party took place on August 14.
Tourism is an important part of the local economy, and the lure of Hvar Town's legendary nightlife has certainly helped to enhance the island's reputation as a tourist destination, but some residents feel that things have gone too far. The mayor has promised to look into the problem, and to try and find a solution which will satisfy the needs of tourists and residents alike.
Hvar's Long and Diverse History of Tourism
While Hvar Town is now seen as an exclusive resort, famed for its party atmosphere, this is the latest phase in the town's tourism offer. The original tourism on the island focused on discovering its flora and fauna, as well as its legendary climate. Indeed, the oldest organised tourism has its roots in the town, with the founding of the Hvar Health Society in 1868, as aristocrats in the Austro-Hungarian empire came to recuperate on Hvar (Hvar was known as the Austrian Madeira).
With the advent of mass tourist under Communist rule, Hvar was one of the first destinations to embrace naturist tourism in Croatia, a business that today brings in a significant number of guests for the Croatian economy; the small island of Jerolim, just off Hvar Town, was given over to naturists in the 1960s.
Whether the petition will have any effect remains to be seen, but it is unlikely that action will be taken this year, with peak season already in full swing.

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