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Coastal Train Journeys to the Beach in Croatia: Jelsa on Hvar

An excellent addition to the 2011 tourism offer in Jelsa is a train service taking tourists to the various beaches and offering inland village tours.
The Tourist Train from Jelsa to the Beaches and Surrounding Villages - Miranda Milicic (http://)
Getting to the beach on Hvar will be easier for visitors to Jelsa and Vrboska for the 2011 season with the charming addition to the northern coast's tourism offer of theBummelzug Jelsa, a motorised train catering to the needs of tourists.
Although the red and white train seems to be a gimmick for children, there are some very useful routes for everyone, and the early travellers have tended to be more adult in make-up. As a means of exploring the island and getting to the beach, the 'Jelsa Express' offers sun seekers an option of several beaches, while tourists wishing to explore other towns and villages can do so from the comfort of the train.
The Jelsa Beach Tour: From Grebisce to Soline
For a 20 kuna ticket, beach lovers will be able to take advantage of a shuttle service to several beaches close to Jelsa and Vrboska. Departing at 0900 each morning from Hotel Fontana, the train makes scheduled stops in Jelsa town centre by the main square, continuing on to the beaches of Mina, Lanterna and Grebisce, before returning and passing through Vitarnja and on to the town of Vrboska and the local beach at Soline, arriving at 1100.
The same destinations are serviced in opposite order, departing Soline at 1700, Vrboska at 1710 and arriving on the riva in Jelsa at 1900. An excellent way to get to and from the beach with no parking problems or costs.
The Inland Stone Village Tour
Holidaymakers wanting to explore inland Hvar can do so at leisure with the afternoon tour through the hilltop villages of Hvar. The current schedule (Monday to Friday) leaves the main square in Jelsa at 1500, taking in a scenic and aromatic route through the pine forests, olive groves and fields of lavender via Hotel Fontana, Pitve (the oldest village on Hvar, going back more than 2,000 years), Vrisnik, Svirce, Vrbanj, Stari Grad and Vrboska, before arriving back in Jelsa at 1630.
The inland tour starts earlier at the weekend and allows guests the chance to stop off in each location and visit the main sights and take photographs.
All-Inclusive Lunch at Restaurant Vidikovac
An additional excursion is offered by Bummelzug Jelsa, a day's excursion to one of the best located restaurants on the island. Restaurant Vidikovac is located on the old road from Stari Grad to Hvar Town and has commanding views of the sea from its hilltop location: southern sea views from one side of the restaurant, northern from the other. A three course lunch with drink and transport there and back is 200 kuna.
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