Sunday, November 11, 2012

Days of Croatian Tourism 2011: Hvar's Pjerino Bebic is Best Mayor

Hvar's successful season continues with Mayor Bebic voted the best mayor at the annual 'Days of Croatian Tourism' awards.
Days of Croatian Tourism 2011: Hvar's Pjerino Bebic is Best Mayor - Hvar Town Tourist Board
The hard work of Hvar Town's energetic mayor, Pjerino Bebic, was officially recognised at the annual Days of Croatian Tourism ceremony on October 21, 2011, as he won the category of Best Mayor.
More Recognition for Hvar Island
Collecting the award, Bebic paid characteristic tribute to those around him, declaring the award was not for him personally, but for the whole town of Hvar, which was also recently voted top destination on the Croatian coast, after an undercover survey by national newspaper, Vecernji List.
"I honestly did not expect a prize," Bebic was quoted as saying in an interview in Politika Plus, "but I am very proud and happy. This is actually an award for all the fellow citizens of the town of Hvar, the best team of advisers a mayor could want (waiters, chefs, renters and fishermen. This award is yet another confirmation that everything we do, we do correctly, and the results are there for all to see."
Hvar as a Fairy-tale Destination
"Hvar is one of the most prominent tourist destinations," continued Bebic, "and we will maintain our position and improve. In short, when someone wants a fairy-tale holiday, we will do everything we can to make his first thought Hvar."
Bebic's efforts to promote the town and the island in general have been welcomed, and the Hvar's status as Croatia's premier island was once again confirmed as Hvar was voted 8th best island in Europe at the prestigious Conde Nast 2011 Readers' Choice Awards in New York earlier this week.
Bebic pointed out that Hvar is not content to rest on its laurels, and is keen to continue to expand the tourism offer, with improved sporting facilities and further development of the port in association with regional authorities.
Welcome to Facebook Island
Bebic made international headlines earlier this year with a unique invitation to Mark Zuckerburg, whom he invited to Hvar, and promised that he would rename one of the nearby Pakleni Islands 'Facebook Island' if he visited.
While Zuckerburg may not have come, plenty of other celebrities did, lured by the island's reputation as the sunniest in the Adriatic and with exclusive Hvar Town emerging as one of the trendiest celebrity hotspots in the Mediterranean. This year's two most high profile visitors were Prince Harry, complete with nightclub swim at Veneranda, and Beyonce, who revealed her baby bump to the world at the Hula Hula Beach Club.
With the tireless efforts of Croatia's Tourism Mayor of the Year, and the continuing celebrity interest in Hvar, 2012 looks like being a bumper year for the island's 11,500 inhabitants.

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