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Cheap Flights to Dubrovnik from UK and Ireland: Easyjet, Jet2, BA

An overview of the 2011 timetable for scheduled flights to Dubrovnik from Leeds, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, the Midlands and London.
Old City Walls of Dubrovnik - Lazslo Szalai (
No words are necessary to introduce Dubrovnik, as every tourist on the Adriatic knows it is the number one destination; the only information necessary is how to get there! With airline websites sometimes difficult to navigate and conflicting information on the web, an accurate overview of current routes on offer can be hard to find. Here is a brief look at the confirmed flights for 2011, with information compiled from the airline websites - as with all coastal airports in Croatia, the schedule is seasonal, with most of the tourist flights operating from late March to the end of October maximum.
Cheap Flights to Dubrovnik from London
Unsurprisingly, the largest choice of routes to Dubrovnik is from London. British Airways has been operating the route from Gatwick for several years now and has just announced an increased service for 2011, with the current four flights a week moving to a daily service from March 28. Although not a traditional budget airline, BA does have some competitive deals on this route, so it is worth checking their website. They also offer one service no other airline does - a year-round direct flight to London.
Holidaymakers using Gatwick have additional choices when planning their Croatian holiday to Dubrovnik; ThomsonFly will ferry tourists every Sunday from May 1 to October 30, while Easyjet's four fights a week from April 25 to September 30 will increase to five from late May to mid-September. Easyjet is also the only connection from Stansted, the first flight departing at 1315 on April 29 with the last flight back leaving at 1115 on October 9.
Wizz Air will be running a summer service from Luton, commencing on June 26 and ending on September 3.
Cheap Flights from Edinburgh and Belfast
With the withdrawal of Ryanair's Edinburgh to Zadar route, direct links to the Scottish capital from the Dalmatian coast are limited, but will be connecting Edinburgh to Dubrovnik twice a week from April 25 to October 2, with Belfast similarly served by the same airline (although the last flight is a week earlier).
Cheap Flights from Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and East Midlands
Tourists destined for Dubrovnik from the North of England will have good reason to check the Jet2 website, as the airline is currently the only provider of direct flights from both Manchester (from May 2) and Leeds/Bradford (from April 25), which both run until October 2.
Holidaymakers slightly further south will be able to take advantage of the in-flight service on the weekly Flybe Sunday flight from Birmingham (May 15 - September 9) and BMI Thursday and Sunday flights from East Midlands Airport from April 29 to October 2.
Cheap Flights to Dubrovnik from Dublin
Croatia is popular with Irish tourists but direct flights are hard to find and there are none scheduled from Dublin to Split, for example. Aer Lingus will be looking to shoulder some of the demand with its four flights a week to Dubrovnik from March 27.
Crossing the Border from Dubrovnik to Montenegro
While the Old Town of Dubrovnik is the main reason people fly into its airport, there are many travellers en route to Montenegro who use it as a point of access, given its proximity to the border and popular destinations like Kotor and Budva, as well as the fact it is better served with flights than Tivat. While the distance may be short, there are some things to be aware of when crossing the border from Dubrovnik to Monetenegro.

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