Sunday, November 11, 2012

Prince Harry in Croatia: Royal Tongue Before Boarding O'Khalila

More details emerge in the Croatian press about Harry's wild night at Hvar's Veneranda, as well as details of the luxury yacht he used after easyJet flight.
Prince Harry in Croatia: Royal Tongue Before Boarding O'Khalila - Hvar Town Tourist Board (http://)
More details about Prince Harry's wild night on the Croatian island of Hvar emerged in the local media on August 30 2011, as locals were treated to a show of the royal tongue before the prince and his entourage headed off to his yacht.
Pictures of the royal raver's antics in top nightclubVeneranda, where he jumped fully clothed into a pool, have made global headlines, and there have been additional reports in the UK press of the young prince hugging an attractive blonde and partying the night away.
An Encounter with the Royal Tongue
The latest information from the Croatian media includes a report from regional dailySlobodna Dalmacija, which tells of an incident on the waterfront at 3am. Passing a group of locals, the boisterous prince decided to show more of the royal body by sticking out his tongue. The group, who did not recognise the prince, were offended by the behaviour.
Any potential trouble was averted when the group recognised a local paparazzi behind Harry, and realised that the visitor might be someone important. It was only the next day that they learned they had had a royal encounter.
"Such behaviour causes aggravation, regardless of one's status." said Denis Rajcic, one of the group who encountered Harry close up.
Slobodna Dalmacija also disclosed that the royal entourage enjoyed a drink at trendy waterfront bar Sidro, as well as enjoying a fish dinner at exclusive restaurant Gariful, where they were given a table in the corner to enjoy some privacy. The bill was paid by his security.
From easyJet to $22 Million Yacht
The newspaper also revealed the identity of the yacht Harry was staying on. In stark contrast to the easyJet flight he arrived on to Split, the luxury of the 45.7m O'Khalila was more fitting for a prince. Built in 1997 and sporting a shimmering gold exterior, the O'Khalialiis currently on the market for a cool $22,000,000.
With five cabins, two bathrooms, kitchen, bar and plasma screens, the vessel is decorated in a neo-Baroque style and can sleep twelve. The royal party spent some time cruising the picturesque Pakleni Islands, a stunning collection of emerald jewels opposite Hvar Town.
Expensive Boats in Hvar Town
While Harry's antics are undoubtedly the story of the season in this exclusive resort, there have been plenty of impressive boats and stories. Roman Abramovich's former yacht Ecstasea was moored up next to Jimmy Lee's futuristic Wallypower earlier this month as ayacht ran amok in the harbour damaging five boats, while a 40-metre yacht beached itself after hitting one of the Pakleni islands.
The island of Hvar, arguably Croatia's most beautiful, has a long tradition of celebrity guests, including several royals; the most famous British royalty prior to Harry was Edward and Mrs. Simpson's visit on their tour of the Adriatic.


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