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Entertainment in Croatia: Where to Find a Drink in Jelsa on Hvar

Set around a pretty harbour and cosy Dalmatian square, there are plenty of bars and cafes in Jelsa. A brief overview, from a cappuccino to a mojito.
Entertainment in Croatia: Where to Find a Drink in Jelsa on Hvar - Chris Connor (http://)
Hvar's third largest town, Jelsa, is also one of its most relaxing. Daily life centres around the main square, one of the prettiest in Dalmatia, as its seven cafes compete to offer the most laid-back position from which to observe daily life. Here is a brief overview of places to drink in the town.
The Pjaca: Main Square in Jelsa
From a morning coffee and croissant to a late night cocktail, Jelsa's main square is a hive of activity. Cafes open at 6am for early risers, and the best place to take morning coffee, accompanied by an excellent array of freshly-baked pastries is Cafe Splendid. The small expat community in the surrounding villages tend to gather here late morning for a dose of the excellent coffee and cherry strudel, while the free wireless for customers is an additional benefit.
Ice cream lovers with an eye for a relaxing sea view should check out Beki's and Eis Caffe Jelsa, either side of the entrance to the square. Ice cream here is an art form with some spectacular combinations and designs on offer for those willing to try. The best place to hang out for the evening vibe is Tarantela, which offers good music, good cocktails and the latest opening times.
Enjoying a Drink by the Water
Across the water and with the old stone town as a backdrop to the harbour, newly opened Mojito is one of the best settings to relax. A good place to enjoy the late afternoon soon, the excellent range of cocktails and protruding outdoor space give guests some of the best views. Further down is the town's best restaurant, Me and Mrs Jones, a pleasant spot for an afternoon beer.
Cocktail Bars and Late Night Drinking
Towards the end of the old town's riva is Libido, a cocktail bar on the first floor with a cool vibe, cooler terrace and outstanding views out to sea, and behind Libido in the back streets is one of Jelsa's hidden gems, Villa Verde, a cocktail bar in the back streets with a leafy courtyard and superb service. Recommended for the older crowd.
Jelsa does have a nightclub to the right of the main square called Vertigo. Revamped in great style by a British businessman in 2005, it is now run by locals and the best option to dance the night away, while the younger crowd also head for Chuara, next to the park, for some late night revelry.

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