Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flights to Croatia: More 2012 UK Flights to Dubrovnik Announced

Monarch Airlines announced a major Mediterranean expansion, with 14 new routes to Greece, Italy and Croatia, with Dubrovnik served by three new routes.
Flights to Croatia: More 2012 UK Flights to Dubrovnik Announced - Paul Bradbury
The growing interest in Croatia as a tourist destination for British tourists was boosted by the announcement by Monarch Airlines of three new routes to Dubrovnik in a press release on the airline's website on November 3, 2011.
Monarch Airlines Flights from Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick to Dubrovnik
Announcing the flights - which will depart from Manchester, Birmingham and London Gatwick - Kevin George, Managing Director of Monarch Airlines, Kevin George said: “The strategy for Monarch Airlines is now firmly focused on its scheduled operations and we are delighted to be adding these new routes to our already extensive network of leisure destinations across Europe.
The announcement is good news for consumers, as British interest in Croatia's stunning coast in increasing, with Croatia featuring in the top ten most popular destinations for British holidaymakers, according to a report by top booking company, Skyscanner, earlier this year.
Once the second most popular destination after Spain, with 440,000 British tourists arriving annually to former Yugoslavia - the bulk of them on packages with Yugo Tours to the Croatian coast - the region's tourism industry was devastated by recent war and break-up of former Yugoslavia.
The Croatian Tourist Board has worked hard to promote the country's tourism effort under the highly effective slogan, The Mediterranean as it Once Was, and tourists are once more flocking to its coastal resorts.
Island of Hvar: Lonely Planet Top Destination Number 5
Dubrovnik remains the most popular destination, but many visitors choose to spend their holidays on some of the 1185 islands that are liberally scattered in the Adriatic's waters. One of the most interesting is Hvar, which was last week named as the fifth best destination to visit by influential tourism company, Lonely Planet.
Croatia's coastal airports of Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, Pula and Rijeka have seen a large increase in budget airline and charter flights in recent years, with Dubrovnik in particular now connected to numerous international destinations.
Increased International Interest in Flights to Dubrovnik
National carriers have also started flying directly to the city, with Aeroflot commencing direct flights from Moscow, for example, while Finnair has announced a direct route from Helsinki in 2012, driven by strong interest from their passengers in Asia.
With the Croatian Tourism ministry's stated strategy of exploring eastern markets to attract more tourists - notably Japan and China - the current raft of announcements of new routes to the city known as the Pearl of the Adriatic shows no sign of abating.
Tickets for the Monarch routes to Dubrovnik went on sale this morning for flights up to October, 2012.

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